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Who are we?

A group of international beatmakers supplying the world (and beyond) with some of the best rap beats ever heard and hip hop news worth talking about...

We've grown up with hip hop all around us, back from 1995, when Jerry Spina and SILVA (the founders of La Cantina Productions) first picked up a microphone and started spitting rhymes over instrumentals from US rap vinyl singles. Shortly after that, both fell in love with beat making, a passion that in 2004 turned into the website you're on right now.

Of course, rhyming and providing beats for emcees from all over the world wasn't enough, so in 2009 appeared on the scene, under the umbrella of La Cantina Productions. is a hip hop news blog with the latest, freshest and most interesting hip hop news, edited for you by us, beatmakers. We always thought it would be cool to read album reviews and hip hop news written by those who actually make the beats, it creates a different perspective to the usual rap journalism, and so it didn't take long for us to go ahead and set this up.

Next? Who knows...the world of online beats is ripe for disruption. So buy our rap beats and read our blogs and you won't miss out on whatever comes out of our lab...

The 'Beat Cellar'?

In Italian, la cantina means wine cellar. So the Beat Cellar is a play on words: we have the best beats (like wine) in our cellar (this website) and we are also a beat 'seller'. Tight.

Who buys your beats?

Primarily artists who may not have the necessary funds to hire expensive producers to craft tracks for them to perform over. We also help our artists promote their music and get as much exposure as possible, though the channels and contacts we have developed over 15 years in the industry.

We have also been known to provide beats for movies, websites, documentaries and sales team training cds (yes) whatever your musical need, get in touch and we'll most likely be able to help.

What genres of music are available on La Cantina?

Mainly hip hop and rnb as these are the genres our producers specialise in. But we like to offer something different to what you can find elsewhere, so you'll find jazz, funk, soul and even electronic influences in our beats! We've got a good balance of underground joints and phat club bangers. All produced with passion to the highest quality for your enjoyment...

Why chose you instead of the many other sites that sell beats?

We offer some of the most affordable and fair prices on the internet for top quality studio engineered instrumentals. There are NO hidden clauses or complex legal procedures and we are in it for the love of music and not financial gain.

We are well connected in the music biz with record labels, artist management, promoters and A&R's, our prices include FREE promotion to these.

We produce our beats with passion to give them a unique character of their own. While we also offer a broad range of styles to cater for all tastes, we truly feel our sound is an exciting alternative to most other beat sites. It must be that Mediterranean blood in our veins...

We also actually have an "identity" and like to maintain a relationship with our artists. We keep in touch.

And last, take a look at our testimonials across all the pages on this website to read what everyone else thinks of us. For real.










Some love we've been getting from people all over the world

I suppose everyone takes the time to complain, so I'd like to take the time to say thank you for your help and quick response to my problem and look forward to downloading more of your beats!

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