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Top quality unique rap beats ready for immediate download. Create your next banger or your money back. Simple.

On average, 90% of emcees fail to get noticed - because buying the same beats everyone else is buying will only guarantee one thing, indifference.

La Cantina gives you original head nodding rap beats ready for you to transform into hip hop bangers. Are you ready?

East Coast Rap Beats That NY boom bap sound we all love with a La Cantina twist!

West Coast Rap Beats High pitched synths and deep bass, a mix of beats inspired by the innovative west

Down South Rap Beats Slow rolling dirty beats and fast high hats, this is the Dirty South intepreted by LaCantinaProductions

Club Rap Beats Want to stand out and ignite the dancefloor? Innovative club bangers are waiting for you here

Arabic Rap Beats A unique beat category that you will only find on - arabic sounds over heavy beats, these are hot

RnB Beats Unleash your vocalist on these mellow beats and let the music carry you

Funk Beats Phat basslines and grooves, heavy beats inspired by rare funk gems from the 70s. For the crate diggers.

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I appreciate the help and you guys have a great program, i'm going to definitely send a shout out to you guys in a upcoming song, thanks again and keep up the good work!!

Can you email me the BOUNCE instrumental. I want to lace that one up real cold like. You know how I do I'll bring in a couple hard hitt'in emcee's with me and you love the results.