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Resources for Rappers and Emcees

Everything a Rhyme Spitter Needs

The end of doing it all by yourself, a collection of tips, ideas and resources that hundreds of smart emcees are already using to smash the competition.

How to make a Hip Hop Album without a Recording Studio - Save the money and lay your rhymes down in your home studio

Best Mics for Recording over Rap Beats - The best mics on the market for hip hop emcees

11 Ways to Promote Rap Music Using Your Site - Build a professional website, like a real artist

Four Promotional Steps Every Rapper Needs to Implement - Stop spamming on Facebook and Twitter and get serious

Choosing the Right Rap Beats to Rhyme Over - The most important decision you will ever make, don't f*ck it up

The Art of Rhyming like a Master - Do it like the best poets in the world

Ten Secrets for Writing Top Class Lyrics - Ten vital tips for pumping out the best lyrics you have ever written

Ten Tips for Buying Rap Beats Online - It's a jungle of copycats, know what you're doing

Create a Successful Rap Music Blog in Ten Steps - There's no success without content, jump straight to success and read this

Five Sure Fire Ways to Get Radio Play for your Music - Only an idiot would just do it online, dominate radio with this quick guide

How to Break into Cliques - Connect and network the intelligent and quick way, not the lame way


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I'm so happy I found your website and I love the RESOURCE page, tons of GREAT INFO! I will spread the word about your website via MYSPACE PAGE and among INDIE ARTISTS IN ATLANTA. I appreciate your business!!!!!